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Magical Moment on Holiday in Venice

City Break: Romantic Venice Casts its Spell
“Please pack my bag for me” Richard begged me, “I don’t know what to put in. I’m all indecisive!”
Oh… I thought with disappointment. I was too hopeful to think he might pack a little box with a life-changing piece of jewellery inside. Feeling a bit presumptuous, I began packing Richard’s clothes from his messy wardrobe. Cheer up, we’re flying to Venice, I thought to myself.
After arrival in Italy’s Treviso airport we took a bus trip to the city of Venice. After a hot sticky journey stuck in a traffic jam, we clambered off the bus and wheeled our suitcases over to the tall city map sign at the bus station. We navigated our way through some busy streets to the Grand Canal and were greeted by a fantastic sight of ageing Venetian buildings with ornate windows and numerous bridges, all lit by dazzling sunlight reflecting from the water. The Iconic gondolas were tied to wooden sticks poking out of the water. We bought our water taxi tickets and cli…