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Backpack or Suitcase? Sights & Delights on Holiday in Argentina

Get Yourself Over to South America for the Holiday of a Lifetime... Yes, a Holiday...
Think of the phrase ‘travelling in South America’ and you’ll most likely conjure up an image of a grubby-looking youth struggling with the weight of a bulging backpack, or even the inhabitants of a hostel tossing and turning in the musty sheets, sweating in the confines of a dingy dormitory... Whether you think this is an accurate description of backpacking or not, it’s time the rest of the world opened its eyes and joined the throngs of backpackers descending on the exciting and inspiring continent of South America. The wonderful and enormous country of Argentina certainly offers immense possibilities for travel, and here's a shocker - you can actually experience the best it has to offer without suffering for it (if that's how you feel about the backpacking option anyway!)

The focus here is on three beautiful and exciting Argentinian destinations: Buenos Aires, Patagonia, and Mendoza. Whilst …

Step into a Holiday Brochure: Top Twelve Perfect Beaches for the Best Summer Holidays

Top 11 Picture-Perfect Beaches Not to Be MissedAhhh, here are some favourite idyllic holiday beaches with the perfect balance between that all-important unspoilt appeal, whilst still being perfectly comfortable for a day's (or even week's) indulgence...

Depending on what you're looking for and how far you want to travel, these are some stunning, beautiful beaches to experience in likely (and a few slightly more unlikely) holiday destinations. I have concentrated my efforts on the best beaches for swimming and enjoying the sun - and taking fantastic photos if you're a photo freak of course.

In each section you will find some practical information, however please visit my destination pages for more information, or leave a comment - questions are very welcome.

Perfect Beach #1: Kefalonia - Petani Beach

An enormously long stretch of white smooth shingle in a protected bay is sheltered by mountains on the West side of the beautiful island of Kefalonia.
Crystal clear waters of …