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Teaching Friends to Ski on Ski Holidays in Europe

Home-Made 'Ski Lessons' for Friends! Teaching my Husband to Ski
Well, even getting Richard to learn to ski was a bit of a hullaballoo! To be honest he has every right to be terrified of sliding about on snow and ice, he broke his wrist ice-skating when he was young. (He slammed into the wall and put his hands out flat to save himself – nothing to do with the ice really). However we gave it a go together for the first time on holiday in Swtizerland on a whim. It really wasn’t an ideal location to learn – high up in the mountains in Fische at Springtime, with sheer views down into the valley so far below that we couldn’t even make out what we were looking at! Richard was indeed terrified, and decided it wasn’t for him. After going skiing a few times and with Richard just watching, I built up my skill and learned to ski parallel as well as on different slopes, different Euopean ski resorts, and in different types of snow. One (very cheap and economical) skiing holiday in Gerardmer,…