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Beautiful & Interesting Historic Buildings in Europe: Architectural Landmarks to Remember

Flicking through European travel photos, it can be striking how many of them feature some sort of imposing stone structure or impressive beamed building. There is an abundance of colourful history out there and it feels so real, standing in front of any one of these structures dwarfed by their size, presence and atmosphere.

The following buildings, and types of architecture are really something special, making great sights and points of interest in beautiful and interesting European locations - whether famous or off the beaten track.

Historic European Architecture #1: Palais Des Papes, Avignon - France

This stunning medieval stone palace was the old seat of the Vatican in the 1300s. Views from the top are beautiful and the atmospheric city of Avignon - which, with its intact city walls and Rhone River setting, makes a beautiful place to admire world-class cuisine and history as well as French culture.

Surrounding attractions are the towns of Aix-en-Provence (home town of Paul Cezanne) a…