Lise Griffiths: Travel Inspired Artwork

Artwork and Paintings Inspired by Travel

As I am an artist, I am visually inspired by holidays and travel...

Below are some examples of my work relating to my travel experiences. Artwork is for sale and rent, just visit my websiteI also offer bespoke artwork - see more info at the bottom of the page. 

The Reef (Acrylic on Canvas)

Inspired by snorkelling excursion in Aruba 

Street view of busy New York at night

Cityscape (Oil on Canvas). Approx 60 x 75cm

Inspired by a visit to New York, but I put the cars on the wrong side of the road, oh well!

Aqua Sea (Oil on Canvas). Approx 45 x 35cm

Inspired by the Holy Agean sea by Mount Athos, of Sithonia in Halkidiki

Cote D'Azur (Watercolour). Approx 25 x 25cm

Inspired by Cannes and the architecture of the Cote D'Azur and Monaco

Sunset Over the Lagoon (Oil on Canvas). Approx 40 x 50cm

Inspired by a boat trip back from Burano in Venice during sunset

Alpine Lake (Oil on Canvas). Approx 30 x 40cm

Inspired by the famously blue Blausee lake in Switzerland, at the Kandersteg National Park

Butterflies (Oil on Canvas). Approx 35 x 35cm

Inspired by the Butterfly farm in Aruba, near the Divi Phoenix Resort

Text and Images Copyright © Lise Griffiths, 2012
All Rights Reserved

My travel-inspired (and non-travel inspired) artwork is not limited to this collection, if you are interested in seeing more artwork please contact me or visit my website

I offer a bespoke artwork service and am able to create a unique piece based on a photo, video or experience from one of your favourite holidays too! Contact me at for more info, or contact me through my website.

Also bear in mind I create contemporary and abstract artwork as well as landscape and nature-related pieces. 


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