Friday, 28 March 2008

France and Switzerland: First Road Trip!

My First Road Trip Holiday - Journey to Switzerland from the UK...

At two in the morning I am woken to Richard eagerly packing the last of his things and double checking everything. Are the windows locked, are the passports there, is the chipmunk cage closed, is anything electric left on… For goodness sake. I turn over and snuggle into the blissfully cold side of the bed. Ten minutes left. Because I am so awful at getting up I had arranged with Richard last night that I will travel in my pyjamas with the duvet in the back of the car. I had offered to drive but Richard said he wouldn’t be able to sleep in the car anyway. He never can.

I was up until 11pm reading all about Switzerland. Wow, those Alps! I should have gone to bed a lot earlier. I don’t know why I am so optimistic about time, I just presume there’s all these secret hours stacked up between midnight and one in the morning. How can those two hours really be so close together?

Before I know it the light is on and I’m being bundled out of the bedroom in the duvet. In the hallway I squint and awkwardly wedge my trainers on the wrong feet. Richard gives up, carrying me to the car in the duvet.
In the back of the car, after we are well on our way, I’m suddenly wide awake. I have to force my eyes shut. The ferry is at 7:00am and it will be light by then so I’d better get some sleep in before we get there…

~ Reims ~

Champagne cellars ('caves') at Pommery - the tours of the cellars and tasting at the end!


~ Chaumont ~

Viaduct on the way into Chaumont, France. Richard bored stiff, with a numb bum after the long drive… And ahhh cake - the cure for all travel-related ailments!


~ Besançon ~

Brief food stop, still travelling to Switzerland (still eating). Not far from Switzerland now… Map check! 


~ Lausanne ~

 Arrival in Switzerland! Mountains and enormous lakes dazzle us from all angles. Chateau D'Ouchy on the shores of Lake Geneva is the Disneyest of all castles!

~ Aigle ~

Alpine roads to Chamonix- Richard's pale skin soaking up some much needed sun!

~ Saas Fee ~

High up and nestled in amongst the surrounding alpine peaks - Saas Fee ski resort


~ Zermatt ~


Train ride to the car-free ski village of Zermatt... Matterhorn!

~ Val D’Herens ~

A cute chalet-guesthouse up in the mountains of the traditional Val d’Herens valley. We woke up in the night a few times with shallow breathing due to high altitude - how odd!

 ~ Kandersteg and Gruyeres ~

At the Blausee Lake in Kandersteg National Park, mucking around on the play equipment, and the bright blue lake itself. Nestle and Cailler Chocolate Factory… Mmmm Swiss chocolate!

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