Sunday, 12 August 2012

Forget Scary Themeparks... Driving on Holiday in Corsica!

The Adventures of Driving in Corsica...

Okay I'm not the bravest person when it comes to thrillseeking - I mean, Jess and I actually went on the train ride at Alton Towers when we were waiting for Kim and Richard to go on Oblivion. And we can't forget the children's rollercoaster - when it had finished going around three times, we were sighing with relief and Jess got stuck in her seat! The barrier wouldn't go up of course so I begun flapping my arms about and shreiking at the attendant in disproportionate despair. It could only happen to us.

BUT, I do have a thrill seeking side nonetheless, and I do feel like I'm generally brave, when I'm in control. (e.g. skiing, rock climbing, jumping into rock pools...)

On our recent holiday road trip to Corsica, being in a car tested my danger seeking limits and pushed them over the edge, just a little (whilst still being thrilling and enjoyable of course! I mean, we didn't go over the edge did we but still...)

We have driven all sorts of Alpine roads before, and the Italian ones are probably the scariest because of lack of barriers in places, but Corsica....

Is there one bit of straight road on that island? It's not even just the incessant hairpin bends combined with sheer drops lacking barriers - its the sheer amount of hazards and the sheer amount traffic, and the fact that some of these are 'main roads'! Not to mention The Netherlands insisting on sending at least half of their population over with their homes in giant campervans. How can they fit those things down those tiny, winding, high-up mountain roads with jagged rocks jutting out from all angles on one side, and sheer drops into the sea on the other? Kudos to their bravery (or audacity) anyway.

For stunning views and simply fantastic driving (it has to be fantastic if it's that scary) head over to Corsica on your holiday and hire a car (or take yours on the ferry). Call me naive but I honestly think these roads are up their with the ones on Ice Road Truckers. Okay- they aren't that bad but still, it's insane but excellent! At this point I'd like to say that I did not drive any of these roads in Corsica, I was a passenger the entire time, with Richard driving, and what a driver he is :)

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