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Hair and Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair and Skin in the Outdoors and on the Beach

Since working alongside Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists, I have been getting used to some free treatments which is so addictive (poor me), but it still collides with my outdoorsy and slightly rough-and-tumble ways when I'm on holiday, especially on the beach. So here are some hair and beauty remedies and tips for the pitfalls of the outdoors and the seaside...

1. Seawater and Skin

This is so so so good for your skin and scalp - swim in the sea on your beach holiday, just use moisturiser and conditioner afterwards.

The problem I'm facing though is the state it leaves your hair in. Although it is good for your scalp (which in turn is good for your hair growth), it dries out the existing hair and lifts the cuticle, allowing moisture out (and colour if your hair is coloured). Use macadamia oil or a serum, and a cold rinse help to close the cuticle after washing it, but make sure you put some protection on before you swim in the sea or the pool (like the chlorine hair protection stuff you can get in normal supermarkets). I'm definitely taking my serum with me next time I go away!

2. Sun and Skin

As well as its famed potential to give us sinister skin diseases, the sun also dries out your hair and too much exposure isn't good for your scalp. On a sun holiday wear a hat if you're walking around in the sun for prolonged amounts of time, it protects your hair and scalp, and limits hair fall from sun damage. A good shady hat can also can prevent sunstroke.

Remember your sun cream, and remember it can actually moisturise your skin too. Skin is the biggest giveaway to your age and your health so look after it. No one wants to end up looking like a bit of old leather through abuse of the sun's rays - no one looks up to that person!

I myself am mixed race so I'm lightly tanned. It's more important to me to avoid a tan than gain one as I like my skin the way it is. So should you, no matter what colour you are but you can be forgiven for wanting a little bit of colour to get rid of that pasty look that we all know too well after a long and rainy winter.

3. Nails

As a bit of a climber, I really enjoy abseiling, rock climbing and generally scrambling up hills and rocks for good views and a bit of excitement on holiday! However it's not easy to keep my nails looking their best. Now I'm not the sort of girl who would avoid doing anything fun to stay 'looking pretty' and really my nails can go to hell if that's what it takes to keep them nice. However I do want to keep them looking presentable and maintained which isn't too much to ask. 

I usually apply nail hardener or clear nail polish just to leave them plain and keep them from breaking. Keeping them short and cutting them frequently should help their condition.

4. Being Smooth and Hairless!

Waxing/epilating is the way to go when you're on holiday for sure! If you have dark hair how can you justify spending half an hour every day in the shower shaving them? What a waste of time - when you could be relaxing on the beach! Also a good thing is there is a lower risk of in-growing hairs because the salt water in the sea is good for your skin, and the sand exfoliates it! (Still exfoliate just as much though). A good thing to bear in mind is also that the sun bleaches hair, so after a while in the sun the hair on your arms and other exposed places usually becomes invisible anyway.

5. Dehydration

Going somewhere warm on holiday makes you drink more in quantity and wee more often. Make sure you get enough water or your skin will suffer, and you will be more at risk of dehydration and dark circles under your eyes, especially if you're getting late nights and drinking too!

6. Tanning

If you want your tan to last you have to do it properly, and as we all know, things that are done properly take the longest to achieve. Don't try and get big chunks of sun exposure all at once on your beach break - you'll only peel or worse. Don't use oil, you basically cook - like bacon in a frying pan, think about it... Don't forget to move your straps and take off your sunglasses once in a while! If you're going to leave white marks on your face and arms you may as well stay pale.

Do exfoliate - this removes the dead skin cells, then allows the sun to tan your newer skin and it will last longer. Do moisturise - you'll be less likely to peel/flake and it will reduce the ageing effect the sun has on your skin. Do use aloe vera gel on any sun damage - it's incredibly healing and soothing. Do use the right factor sun cream for you. If you're fair and burn easily you simply can't get away with using factor 10. I'm sorry.

These travel and beach health, hair and beauty remedies/tips are my own opinions and ideas. I cannot be held liable or responsible for any use of them. Travel safely and look after yourself on your beach holiday!

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