Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ridiculous New Games to Play on on a Beach Holiday in the Sea

During my recent holiday to Corsica I managed to stay off the beach and in the sea for a whole hour and a half before getting freaked out and/or cold. On holiday I do actually tend to indulge in any type of warm and crystal clear waters - and I'm not a seaophobe or anything, but let's face it I get fed up easily.

After floating on my back for a while, waiting for Richard to just suck it up and jump in, I eventually heard a splash - with his quiet mini shriek, so I knew he'd finally made it in.

Following a game of throw and catch in the sea (with one of those small waboba things that bounces on the surface of the water) we started getting a little cold as the evening drew in.

Richard suggested playing a game called 'inconvenience' that he'd just made up. Hmm what's that? It turns out the aim is to throw the ball in as invonvenient place as you can and the other person has to go and get it. Why did I not guess?

Another great invention of Richard's is to use those foam beach floatation pole things to droop over the other person's head from further away than arms length,  so that they have no choice about the water dripping all over their head and into their eyes. Fun.

We finally ran out of 'exciting' and 'inconvenient' ways to play throw and catch, and irritate one another. We got hungry, so we dried off and went to get something to eat, but I must say Richard's ideas kept me in the water longer than usual.

A bit of imagination never hurt anyone (except perhaps the ball if it gets thrown too far to swim to, or maybe the person - if they swim too far!) Needless to say, neither myself or Richard can be held responsible for any repercussions of these new 'games' or any drownings, or any ridicuous near-drown experiences.

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