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Travel-Inspired Landscape Artwork - Great When My Camera Plays Up!

Travel Artwork - When I Can't Capture it on Camera...

I have a regular digital camera and as far as the technology goes, I'm not any sort of adept travel photographer. My camera usually just does a good enough job to capture an element of lovely little scenes capturing my attention when I'm on my travels, but if the sun has set, I can forget it!

However sometimes the 'feeling' of the moment is just lost when I simply 'take a photo.' Now, this is where professional Photographers will be able to jump right in, and their photos really do speak for themselves - see Elia Locardi HDR Photography for example, for some simply stunning photography of various inspiring locations like Prague. It is without doubt that pieces of work like these capture and even enhance a scene.  

However I just don't have the so much photography knowledge, equipment, or expertise at my disposal. So I feel that my artistic skills (which manifest more as painting and drawing) can capture a mood or feeling in a scene, just as affectively, but in a different way. I suppose this is more interpretive, and more impressionistic. It can be a great way to capture intensity and of course it can take up alot of time, but it sometimes makes a great alternative to any photo I could take.

Layers of Blue Misty Hills in the DistanceThis small piece of oil pastel artwork is inspired by the misty maritime alps, on my travels in the South of France, seen from near Eze Village. It was at twilight after sunset - the hour photographers fondly call 'blue hour' and the hills were cloaked in a mist which enhanced the different layers of hills, and the depth. The light had a soft, glowing, blue quality which was too hard to capture with my regular digital camera. For the life of me I couldn't get it to stop blurring, so here is my artist's interpretation of it in oil pastels!

This sort of artwork can be bought directly from myself, or at the Realitas Community Arts Centre in Peakirk near Peterborough. My oil pastels are currently being sold at Realitas for £18.50 each.

The Realitas Community Arts Centre also sell a huge range of other fantastic contemporary artwork and craftwork such as pottery and jewellery by local artists and there is an enormaous array of choice!

Pale Purple and Blue Misty Mountains Reflected in LakeSnowy Hill and Trees Moonlit Sea and Dark Mountains

Oil Pastel Artwork: Inspired by a Misty Morning on Lake Geneva - Holiday in Switzerland

Oil Pastel Artwork: Snowy afternoon sledging on the gentle hills near Kiruna, Sweden - Holiday in the Arctic

Oil Pastel Artwork: Moonlit Beach on the Cote d'Azur - Holiday in the South of France

For my main Travel-inspired artwork page on this blog please see Travel Inspired Artwork

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Travel-inspired landscape artwork instead of digital camera, oil pastel paintings,


  1. Nice speech. Thank you. I'm going to this year's summer holiday in Fethiye. Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and would like to see.

  2. Thanks! Enjoy your holiday in Turkey, I really want to see the Pamukkale thermal pools there, they look amazing, like something from another world!


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