Saturday, 15 September 2012

Edinburgh Fringe and an Extremely Insightful, Interactive Performance

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Interactive Performance - street performance colourful outfit.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival can only be described as a frenzy of drama, display and interactive performance, all mixed in with some colourful weirdness and social imagination...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Interactive Performances. Outdoors in busy streetSome may find all this performance and obscenity just a little too awkward or just plain weird. However you can't knock it until you've tried it and the atmosphere is just something you can't miss.

One particular 'site-specific performance' I saw this year offered a fantastic and entertaining insight into the interpretation of the all-too-common employment let-downs and job interview failures.

'Would Be Nice Though' (link below) was expertly written and performed by Odd Comic (Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard), and features an unusal start to the performance events, in an unusal setting. The almost abstract montage of scenarios and interpretations of the harsh world of employment are played out with a very small, intimate audience. The performance is emotive and accurate, whilst being funny and touching at the same time. It is truly unique and so very entertaining.

This performance may be performing in other various locations - check out this website for details about performances in Norwich in October.

Would Be Nice Though - By Holly Bodmer and Dot Howard

The Edinburgh Fringe is definitely a very unique experience, in an equally unique and beautiful city. This should definitely go on the top ten list of festivals around the world, or travel entertainment experiences.  

Edinburgh Accommodation Suggestions

The Harborough Apartments at Ocean Terminal, near Leith are within easy access by bus to the City Centre (approx 5 mins). They are clean, spacious and stylish with gym and pool access included (at the time of writing). For use during festival season book early.

Student accommodation is available at the Universities througout the festival season, which enables self-catering also. Check out the university websites, or

Eating out in Edinburgh

During festival time most restaurants in the centre do not take bookings, just show up and most waiting times are around half an hour, to an hour. There are some excellent foodstands in the street also, and an enormous amount of choice available.

A good restaurant I would reccommend for its unusual menu and tasty quality food is the Buffalo Grill on Chapel Street in Newington - a few streets from Holyrood Park. There is also a Buffalo Grill at Rabeburn Place, near Stockbridge.

Other Edinburgh Sights and Activities

There is a whole host of exciting things to do in this stunning city. My Edinburgh page provides more info.


  1. This is something I'd love to check out! I used to love going to the Edmonton Fringe festival when I was a uni student back in the day.

  2. Yep there's nothing like that 'festival feeling!' You definitely won't regret a trip up to experience this fantastic event, and the Scottish people are so friendly. We lost the ticket for one of our shows we booked (duh!) and the box office staff were so helpful, nothing was too much trouble :)

  3. I agree with you Lise! I look forward to the Fringe festival every year! I always have such a good time and everyone is so friendly!! I always stay in this great serviced apartment (Here's a link incase any of you need a stay!

    Nomadic, I would make it worth a trip - I cannot wait to go next year!

  4. Thanks so much for that link - so useful to have info like this! :)


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