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Perfect Easter Getaway: Swiss Alpine Chocolate Dreams


Easter Holiday Paradise

Switzerland Easter Holiday - egg easter decorationsThat hopeful, fuzzy spring-feeling is certainly in the air in the fairy-tale Swiss Alps...

Exquisite works of art made from the finest of chocolate... Green velvety meadows full of spring wildflowers... Stunning Disney-like castles perched dramatically in front of sheer snow-capped mountains... What more do you want at Easter? 

Springtime is a fantastic time to visit the Swiss Alps for many reasons, however the fact that it is Easter has a lot to do with it...

Switzerland Easter Holiday - train journey and view
Switzerland Easter Holiday - Swiss Village


Top Reasons to Spend Easter in Switzerland & Best Things to Do

Patisserie and chocolate shopping (and eating)

There is so much choice, and look out for mini pastries the size of a two-pound coin (around 50 centimes each). They are great for having a wee taste while on the move.

Easter Switzerland Travel - patisserie



Cailler/Nestle chocolate factory

Experience the finest chocolate - possibly in the world... Cailler is a brand by Nestle which the Swiss (greedily) keep to themselves, but who could blame them? It is made without powdered milk and with slightly condensed milk instead, for a much smoother taste and consistency. It is one of the few manufacturers in the world which does this.

The factory is great to visit. It includes a tour a bit like the Cadbury's world one - with the history of chocolate, and the history of their brand. You also get to see and taste the different types of cocoa beans and the butter, and learn about how combinations of each of these make white, milk and dark chocolate. There is an entrance fee of around 9 euros per adult, however there is a fantastic free tasting near the end (like a help-yourself chocolate buffet) and the shop is fantastic (watch the purse-string though!)

Switzerland Easter Holiday - Cailler chocolate Factory

Switzerland Easter Holiday - chocolate factory - brac









Spring Skiing

Skiing is still well under way during March and possibly early April, in the higher-up resorts. Fische, Grindelwald and Meiringen are all high-up resorts with varied terrain (especially Grindelwald, but watch the purse-strings here too). 

Skiing in springtime is usually on wet snow or 'corn' snow and is quite good for beginners who are scared of going too fast too suddenly. It is harder to stop quickly in this type of snow, however you won't be going fast enough for it to really matter if you're a beginner. 

Trummelbach Falls SwitzerlandWaterfalls

Waterfalls are particularly abundant in the Alps during Spring, which is mainly from all the snow-melt. There's nothing like seeing tons of water hurtling through impressive gaps in the rock that it has carved over thousands of years. 

Trummelbach Falls is a particularly good example of some falls which twist and turn through the rock, and the walkways around it and beneath it are fascinating. There is a small entrance fee, and there is plenty of free parking.

Hiking and walking

There are endless hikes and walks worth doing in Switzerland, it is an outdoors mecca. Grindelwald is hiking central. 
A particularly good area for stunning views in a valley full of waterfalls and soaring white peaks in the distance is Lauterbrunnen, near Interlaken. (Follow signs to Wilderswil then Trummelbach Falls). There are various hikes up the steep valley sides, and walks along the green, grassy valley floor. 

Switzerland Easter Holiday - Cows in field









Canyoning & Rock Climbing

Canyoning is an outdoor sport which incorporates rock-climbing, abseiling and hiking, and doing these things over varied terrain, mostly involving water. Due to the abundance of waterfalls in springtime, canyoning tours are not too hard to come by. Interlaken is the outdoors tourism capital and is in a great location for some of the best Alpine scenery.

Rock-climbing is also on offer in many places (again, especially Interlaken). However when it is wet they won't take any tours out as the rocks are slippery and dangerous for normal rock-climbing and abseiling. An excellent tour provider is Swiss Alpine Guides in Interlaken. They are reliable and really know what they're talking about (which is what you want when you're hanging off a mountain edge!)

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