Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Catchy & Addictive French Tunes I Have Discovered on My Road Trips

Road-tripping around various places inevitably means listening to music of an un-Anglophone nature, even if I haven't meant to. It is a bit of a shame to come home to the UK and see how ignorant we are of anything even slightly 'foreign' unless of course it is from the across the Atlantic!
Music has strong nostalgic power and can take you back to very specific emotions and memories of the time when you heard it, including fantastic holidays and travels...
In France a specified percentage of what is aired has to be in the French language, so there are many artists and songs I have heard over and over (and over), and have grown quite attached to. As well as bringing back fond travel memories, they are really catchy tracks with a fresh sound!


My Favourite French Pop Music



Le Sens De La Vie

Je Prends Le Large


Ma Vie Au Soleil

Christophe Mae

Dingue, Dingue, Dingue
Tombe Sous La Charme

Olivia Ruiz

Elle Panique



Alors On Danse

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