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Undiscovered Provence Paradise on the Îles d'Hyères in the South of France

Tranquility off the Cote d'Azur - Unspoiled & Undiscovered Islands 'Îles d'Hyères'

Fairly undiscovered, and extremely beautiful, these natural and unspoiled little islands just off the Cote d'Azur are absolute gems for those seeking something a little closer to nature in Provence. They are easy to access and make a fantastic day trip and escape from the mainland - perfect for picnics!

Isles d'hyeres secluded nature south of france islands

Isles d'hyeres secluded nature south of france
Perfect place for picnics!
If it is tranquil white sand beaches and crystal clear waters you're after, compared to the hubbub of the Provence coast, these unspoiled islands are perfection. Kayaking and various water sports activities are available in summer on Porquerolles and Port Cros, as well as cycling, and the little villages and harbours buzz with activity (and ice-cream, crepes and other sweet treats) in spring and summer without being overwhelmingly busy.

The islands are largely undiscovered by non-French visitors and a trip to any one of them can feel like a very genuine experience without hoardes of tourists, despite the particular draw of the beauty of these islands and their carribbean-looking turquoise waters.

The islands are known to many as the golden islands, or 'Les iles d'or' because of the naturally sparkly golden-coloured rock which is rich in mica.

The islands can be reached from various points, but the quickest island to reach is Porquerolles from Port de Giens on the Hyeres peninsula. It is a ten minute journey on a small and quick ferry. The other islands can be reached from the port just up from Giens (near the Toulon-Hyeres airport) or from La Lavandou just around the coast to the East.

Isles d'hyeres secluded nature south of france

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